Alphabetical Listing of Morphological Terms

main trabecula major septum margin
marginal marginal increase marginal increase mode
marginotheca massive shape of colonial corallum meandering calices series
meandrine calical arrangement meandroid calical arrangement median line
median plate median suture medium_sized trabecula
menianum radial elements lateral faces mesentary metasepta septum
mi-pennula radial elements lateral faces mi-pennulae microarchitecture
microatoll shape of colonial corallum microsolenid type microsolenoid septum
microstructure mid-septal line mid-septal zone
mineral components minitrabeculae trabecula minor septum
mixed peritheca mixed peritheca surface mode
moderately depressed infudibuliform calicular platform modular level modularity
module mono-meandroid calical arrangement monoaxial trabecula
monocentric corallite monocentric growth axis monocylic base
monomorphic calice monopodial corallite system monoporous sipunculid cavity in scleractinian coral skeleton
monostomodaeal increase monticular cerio-meandroid calical arrangement monticule
monticules montlivaltiidtype multiple centres of calcification
mural mural increase mode mural pore

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