Alphabetical Listing of Morphological Terms

tabula tabulae shape tabular dissepiment
tabular endotheca tabular floors tabularial floors
tabularial surface tabularium tabuloid dissepiment
tabulotheca taschenknospung increase td
tectiform colline tectura tectura attachment
terminal forking increase terminal increase mode thamnasterioid calical arrangement
theca thecal pores thick radial elements thickness
thick trabecula thickening deposits thin radial elements thickness
tholiform colline tiering shape of colonial corallum trabecula
trabecular axis trabecular center trabecular columella
trabecular fan system trabecular laths trabecular linkage
trabecular rods trabecular spines trabeculo-lamellar linkage
trabeculotheca transverse division increase transverse tubule
tristomodaeal increase trochoid shape of solitary corallum tubule
turbinate shape of solitary corallum twisted lath columella two-zonal endotheca
two opposed septa larger radial elements bilateral symmetry tympanoid shape of solitary corallum

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