Alphabetical Listing of Morphological Terms

scalloped radial elements distal margin sclerenchyme sclerodermite
scolecoid shape of solitary corallum secondary corallite corallite secondary thickening
secondary trabecula semicircular calicular form septal and dissepimental increase
septal blade septum septal broom septum septal cycle radial elements
septal density radial elements septal extensions costa septal face
septal flanks septal form septal increase
septal insertion septal lateral faces septal lobe radial elements internal region
septal margin septal order septal plan
septal size order septal spacing septal spines
septal substitution septo-paratheca septo-trabeculotheca
septocosta radial elements septotheca septum
serial system of corallites shallow ambulacrum shape of colonial corallum
shape of solitary corallum sharp calicular margin sharp colline profile
sheet-like shape of colonial corallum simple corallum simple synapticula
simple trabecula sipunculid cavity in scleractinian coral skeleton small trabecula
smooth costa lateral ornamentation smooth peritheca surface smooth radial elements lateral faces
solitary solitary corallum spat corallum
spinose costa distal ornamentation spinose radial elements internal region spinose radial elements lateral faces
spinulose granules costa lateral ornamentation spinulose peritheca surface spiral trabecula
spongy spongy columella stalk
stereomal rods stereoplasm stereozone
stolons stolons stolons stomodaeum
style coenosteum styliform styliform columella
styliform elliptical columella styliform lamellar columella stylinidtype
stylophyllid type subcircular calicular form subcompact septum
subconfluent septum subcylindrical shape of solitary corallum subhorizontal calicular platform
superimposed plates of coenenchyme peritheca surface morphology sympodial corallite system
synapticula synapticular rings synapticulotheca
syrinx systems equal radial elements systems radial elements
systems unequal radial elements

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