Alphabetical Listing of Morphological Terms

pachytheca paliform crown radial elements internal region paliform inflexion radial elements internal region
paliform lobe radial elements internal region palus radial elements internal region papillar columella
papillose para-septothecal paratheca
parathecal-epicostal parietal columella parietal increase
parietal increase parricidal increase partly polystomodaeal increase
patellate shape of solitary corallum pedicle peduncle
pedunculate corallum pellicular epitheca pellicular epitheca
penicillate organization of fibers pennula radial elements lateral faces pennulae
pennular collar radial elements lateral faces pentagonal calicular form perforate radial elements compactness
periaxial peripheral peripheral increase mode
peritheca peritheca surface perithecal increase
petaloid septum phacelo-meandroid calical arrangement phaceloid calical arrangement
phaceloid corallum pillars peritheca pinnule
pipe of horseshoe dissepiments pit coenosteum plates colline
platy shape of colonial corallum ploco-meandroid calical arrangement plocoid calical arrangement
pocket budding increase polyaxial trabecula polycentric axes
polycentric calical arrangement polycentric corallite system polycentric growth axis
polycentric increase mode polycentric trabecula polycyclic base
polygonal calicular form polymorphic corallite corallite polyp
polyporous sipunculid cavity in scleractinian coral skeleton polystomodaeal polystomodaeal increase
poritoid radial elements internal region pourtales plan present costa
present peritheca primaryseptum projecting septum
proterocorallite corallum protocorallite corallite protocorallite corallum
protoseptum septum prototheca proximal
pseudo-bilateral radial elements symmetry pseudo-colonial corallum pseudocoenosteum
pseudosynapticula pseudotheca

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