Alphabetical Listing of Morphological Terms

calical arrangement calice calices series
calicular boss calicular center calicular form
calicular fossa calicular margin calicular pit
calicular platform cardinal septum carina radial elements lateral faces
carinae costa lateral ornamentation caryophyllioid ornament radial elements lateral faces cellular dissepiment
centers of calcification centers of rapid accretion central corallite corallite
ceratoid shape of solitary corallum cerio-meandroid calical arrangement cerio-plocoid calical arrangement
cerioid calical arrangement circular calicular form circummural increase
circumoral calical arrangement circumoral increase claviform septum
cloning increase close branched shape of colonial corallum coalescent trabecula
coenenchyme coenosteal increase mode coenosteum
colline colline I colline II
colline profile collines collines height
colonial corallum colony colony increase
colony organization columella columella arrangement
columnar shape of colonial corallum compact radial elements compactness compact septum
complete tabulae tabula completely polystomodaeal increase composite wall
compound synapticula compound trabecula concave tabulae shape
confluent septum conical tabulae shape contiguous rootlet
continuous colline contratingent radial elements convex calicular platform
convex tabulae shape corallite corallite center
corallite division increase corallite series corallite shape
corallite system corallite wall corallum
corallum units corallum wall costa
costa distal ornamentation costa lateral ornamentation costate and tabulate peritheca
costate only peritheca costosepta septum costoseptum radial elements
costulate peritheca surface counter-cardinal septum counter-cardinal septum larger and of the same thickness radial elements bilateral symmetry
counter-cardinal septum larger and thicker radial elements bilateral symmetry counter septum cra
crenellated radial elements distal margin crests crossbar carina radial elements lateral faces
crystallite crystals cupolate shape of solitary corallum
cyathiform shape of colonial corallum cycles septum cyclolitid shape of solitary corallum
cylindrical shape of solitary corallum

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