Alphabetical Listing of Morphological Terms

fan system trabecula fascicle of fibers fascicular columella
fasciculate fasciculate branching fasciculate corallum
fenestrate fenestrate radial elements compactness fenestrate septum
fibers fibro-radial structure fibrocrystal
fibrous fission increase fixed asexual reproduction
flabellate cuneiform shape of solitary corallum flabellate diploctenoid shape of solitary corallum flabellate shape of solitary corallum
flabello-meandroid calical arrangement flabelloid shape of solitary corallum flat tabulae shape
foliaceous shape of colonial corallum foliose shape of colonial corallum forking calical arrangement
free attachment free columella arrangement free radial elements
frondose ramose axis frondose shape of colonial corallum fulturae radial elements lateral faces
fulturae synapticula furcate increase of septa septum fused columella arrangement
fused septal spines fusiform septum

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