Alphabetical Listing of Morphological Terms

ab-mural increase mode abaxially aboral
aboral angle abortive septum absent costa
absent endotheca absent peritheca absent without replacement costa
acanthine radial elements compactness adaxially adtrabecular bars
adult ontogeny alternating with septa costa ambulacrum
amplexoid septum anastomosed radial elements anastomosed to columella radial elements
anastomosed to other radial elements radial elements anastomosing branches shape of colonial corallum angle of divergence trabecula
anthoblast anthocaulus anthocyathus
apex shape of solitary corallum aphroid calical arrangement apical
apical angle shape of solitary corallum archeotheca asexual reproduction
astogeny astreoid calical arrangement asymmetric rootlet
attached attachment attachment attachment surface
auricula radial elements internal region auricules radial elements distal margin axial corallite corallite
axial end of septum axial growth axial plus radial corallite systems corallite
axial structure axis axis of divergence

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