Morycowa and Roniewicz, 1990

Type Species

Apocladophyllia nowaki Morycowa and Roniewicz, 1990; Original Designation Morycowa and Roniewicz, 1990

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Jurassic (?Kimmeridgian-Portlandian) of the Poland (Outer Carpathians).



Colonial, phaceloid. Corallites connected by blind, lateral corallite extensions (apophyses). Gemmation by dichotomous division of the calice by septal wall. Symmetry radial, or radiobilateral at the stage preceding the division. Corallites subpolygonal or subcircular in cross section. Wall septothecal, external surface longitudinally striated and transversely wrinkled. Radial elements of septal type, nonexsert and free. Internal septal edge with auricular denticles, lateral faces with sharp and small granulae. Columella essential, trabecular. Dissepiments subhorizontal in the central region of the corallite and oblique at the corallite wall. Trabeculae of about 30 to 80 ┬Ám in diameter, rarely larger.


  • Southern Europe, Central Europe; Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous

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