Koby, 1889, p. 570

The family was established in the ninth part of the "Monographie des polypiers Jurassiques de la Suisse" (Koby, F., Mémoires de la Société Paléontologique Suisse, 16, 457–582) published in 1889, not 1890.


[from Wells 1956] Colonial, hermatypic, phaceloid to cerioid by extratentacular budding. Corallite walls septothecal (except Pinacophyllum), composed of one series of simple trabecular spines projecting inward and upward from the wall, those of lower cycles fusing in the septal plane to form nearly smooth- or beaded-margined laminae. Columella absent or styliform and continuous. Endothecal dissepiments tabular; exothecal dissepiments tabular when developed.


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