Cuif, 1975: 110

Type Species

Araiophyllum triasicum Cuif , 1975: 126,; Monotypy Cuif , 1975: 126

Type Specimen: Holotype; MNHN ; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Valley Alakir Cay, Anatolia, Taurus Mountains, Lower Norian



Phaceloid with hemispherical calices. Radial elements structurally porous. Distal border moniliform, external border with sharp granulations. Pennules encircling the trabecular body and coarsely crenulated at the border. Synapticulae present. Columella styliform from monocentric to polycentric. Endotheca dissepimental. Increase by fissiparous division. Epitheca present.


No similar corals are known up to now.


Morphology and, especially, microstructure, descibed and illustrated by Cuif 1976, and additionally discussed in Cuif and Gautret 1993, based on Early Norian specimens.The same species was found in the Eugenia Montanaro-Gallitelli collection (University of Modena) from the Carnian of the Dolomites.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
  • North Africa; Late Jurassic
  • Southeast Asia; Late Jurassic
Source: Paleobiology database (accessed June 26th, 2012).

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