Morsch, 1996, p. 678

Type Species

Araucanastrea minuscula Morsch 1996 p. 679; Original Designation Morsch 1996 p. 679

Type Specimen: Holotype; MOZ P 4801/1 MOZ; Verified; Thin Section

Type Locality: Barda Negra South, Neuquén Province, Argentina – Jurassic (Lower Bajocian) – Giebeli and Singularis biozone

8 paratypes exist, dry specimens and thin sections. P 4801/2 MOZ, P 4801/3 MOZ, P 4801/4 MOZ, P 4801/5 MOZ, P 4801/6 MOZ, P 4801/7 MOZ, P 4801/8 MOZ and P 1632/1 MOZ


Colony cerioid; parietal columella formed by trabecula ; compact para-septothecal wall; Cellular endotheca; extracalicular increase producing 1, 2 or 3 corallites among 3 adults corallites.


Like Actinastrea, Astrocoenia and correlate genera but differing by to have parietal columella formed by trabecular projection, by extracalicular increase, by compact wall, by free septa, and without trabecular projection on external septa edge. Like Chondrocoenia but differing by free septa and because Araucanastrea have no costosepta. Like Crassistela but differing by extracalicular increase and parietal columella. Like Melikerona Alloiteau – non Glenarea according to Eliasova – but differing by parietal columella and trabecular projection. Like Coenastrea but differing by parietal columella. Like Allocoenia but differing by parietal columella and extracalicular increase.


  • South America; Middle Jurassic
Jurassic (Lower Bajocian). Argentina.

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