Duncan, 1868, p. 53

Type Species

Lepidophyllia hebridensis Duncan 1868, p. 62 pl. 16 fig. 1-4; Subsequent Designation Wells 1936, p. 114

Type Specimen: Holotype; BGS 37052; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Pabba shale (Today, this formation is dated from Lower Sinemurian (Turneri zone) to Pliensbachian (Margaritatus zone), (Inner Hebrides, Scotland)

The type specimen was figured and redescribed in (Beauvais 1976), p. 65 pl. 13 fig. 6, text fig. 30



Massive lamellar corallum with colonial structure difficult to define. It seems that it is a cerioid structure in which the rejuvenescence play a more or less significant role according to the subgenera. Seen from above, corallites have often a concave side in low relief and a convex and abrupt side. The convex side is oriented toward the same edge of the colony for neighbouring corallites. No holotheca. Increase takes place at the edge of the colony probably by intracalicinal budding. Radial elements are compact septa s. s.. Septa free or joined in the center, of a rather constant thickness from outer side to the inner edge. Straight, curved or tortuous. Lonsdaleoid septa common. Distal edge with large regular oval teeth, lateral faces with subvertical ridges corresponding to the teeth of the distal edge. No pali. Microstructure unknown. Hexameral symmetry cannot be deciphered, bilateral symmetry present due to the polarity of growth and curvature of septa in the convex side of corallites. Endotheca present but difficult to characterise, weak parietal columella. Synapticulae absent. The wall seems to be a paratheca.


17 nominal species were assigned (rightly or wrongly) to this genus. In a recent paper Gretz et al (2013) include two subgenera within the genus Lepidophyllia: Lepidophyllia and Heterastraea.


  • Western Europe; Early Jurassic


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Holotype of the type species of Lepidophyllia
Holotype of the type species of Lepidophyllia
Holotype of the type species of Lepidophyllia
Holotype of the type species of Lepidophyllia

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