Morycowa, 1997, p. 299

Type Species

Diplocoeniella gerochi Morycowa, 1997b: 299.; Original Designation Morycowa, 1997b: 299.

Type Specimen: Holotype; UJ 4 P 1; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Lower Aptian of Poland.

The holotype of the type species is housed at UJ (Krakow) under 4 P 29.



Colonial, cerioid, pseudo-plocoid appearance. Gemmation intracalicinal, rarely marginal. Costosepta compact, formed by mini- to medium sized branching trabeculae, smooth or finely granulated laterally. Columella styliform. Wall septoparathecal. Internal parathecal pseudo-wall present. Endothecal dissepiments tabulate.


  • Southern Europe; Early Cretaceous
  • Eastern Europe; Early Cretaceous

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Diplocoenialla actinastrae (Turnsek and Mihajlovic, 1881), holotype, photograph courtesy Dr. Turnsek