Vaughan, 1899, p. 237

Type Species

Stiboriopsis jamaicaensis Vaughan, 1899: 238; Original Designation Vaughan, 1899: 238

Type Specimen: Holotype; unknown; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Campanian (-?Maastrichtian) and Eocene of Jamaica (Blue



Colonial, massive, subthamnasterioid-subplocoid to meandroid. Gemmation by septal budding and fission. Corallites isolated or arranged in short meandroid series. Costosepta compact, with rare pores, confluent to nonconfluent, dentate to granulate laterally. Paliform structures can be present before principle septa. Columella trabecular or rudimentary. Endothecal dissepiments abundant, corallites united by their costae or separated by exothecal dissepiments.


The systematic position of Stiboriopsis Vaughan, 1899, has been discussed. Wells (1956) placed it in the family Haplaraeidae as a synonym of Trechmannaria Wells, 1934. According to Alloiteau (1957), this genus belongs to the Faviidae. As pointed out by Baron-Szabo and González-León (1999, p. 485) the synonymy with Trechmannaria Wells seems questionable, because Stiboriopsis Vaughan is described as having rather compact structures, but Trechmannaria represents a form that has corallite centres which are linked by porous lamellae. Stiboriopsis Vaughan resembles montlivaltiids and faviids in having thick, straight septa and similar microstructure, but is distinguished from them by: (1) having rare, large septal pores (as shown in the illustration in Vaughan, 1899, pl. 38, fig. 4), (2) variable ornamentation on the inner ends of septa and (3) trabecular structures in the centre of the corallite (true columella or trabecular prolongations of the inner ends of septa). The diagnosis given above slightly differs from the original by Vaughan (1899, p. 237) and is based on the features seen in the figure of the type specimen in Vaughan (1899, pl. 38, fig. 4).

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Stiboriopsis jamaicaensis Vaughan, 1899, sketch of holotype from Vaughan (1899)