Melnikova, 1972:59

Species of this genus were described under generic names of Stylophyllum Reuss,1854, Lepiconus Stoppani,1857, Stylophyllopsis Frech,1890.

Type Species

Stylophyllopsis zitteli Frech 1890: 49, pl. 13, fig. 9-15, 17-24; Original Designation Melnikova, 1972:59

Type Specimen: Lectotype; BSPG AS XII 56; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Fischerwiese, Northern Calcareous Alps. Zlambach Beds, Rhaetian, Late Triassic



Growth form phaceloid. Increase lateral. Septa made of septal spines, subcompact. Endotheca from large, vesicular and/or tabuloid dissepiments. Epitheca.


The type species was described and figured in Frech 1890:49, Melnikova 1975:79, ext-fig.6, l.11,fig.2-7, and Roniewicz 1989:125,pl.39,fig.8; pl.40,fig.5-7. The species is characterized by a high intraspecific variability of the growth form.


From exclusively solitary Stylophyllopsis it differs in, generally, phaceloid growth form which can transform into a subcerioid one.


Three species are known from the Triassic.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
  • Central Europe; Late Triassic
  • Central Asia; Late Triassic
Northern Calcareous Alps, Carpatians, Pamirs: Late Norian-Rhaetian.

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