Alloiteau, 1957, p. 127

Type Species

Phyllocoenia excelsa de Fromentel, 1884: 550, pl. 152, fig. 2, pl. 154, fig. 1.; Original Designation Alloiteau, 1957: 127

Type Specimen: Syntype; ; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Lower Santonian of France (Le Beausset, Var).

The syntypes of the type species are housed at MNHN (Paris) under M03760, M03769, M03773, A29626.




Colonial, massive, plocoid, subcerioid, submeandroid. Budding extracalicular and intracalicular. Corallites circular or subpolygonal in outline, or arranged in short, submeandroid series. Costosepta compact, nonconfluent to confluent; laterally covered by small (generally less than 50 ┬Ám) rounded granulae and carinae-like spines. Paliform lobes present or absent. Columella spongy-papillose or irregularly trabecular. Synapticulae present throughout the corallum. Endothecal dissepiments thin, vesicular to subtabular. Wall parasynapticulothecal, septothecal in places, pores present occasionally.


Material assigned to Heliastraea sp. in DIETRICH, 1926, p. 73, from the Aptian of Tanzania is included here.


  • Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe; Early Cretaceous - Late Cretaceous
  • Subsaharan Africa; Early Cretaceous

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Neocoeniopsis excelsa (de Fromentel, 1884) syntype