Vaughan, 1900, p. 200

Levipalifer Vaughan, 1900, p. 200 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Deltocyathus Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848, p. 325.

Once considered to be a subgenus of Deltocyathus based on presence of pali before last cycle of septa, Cairns (1994, 55) synonymized Levipalifer with Deltocyathus.

Type Species

L. orientalis Vaughan, 1900, p. 200, pl. 16, figs. 3-7; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; USNM 19391; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Recent: off Japan.

=D. vaughani Yabe and Eguchi, 1932 (nomen substitutum), not D. orientalis Duncan, 1876). The type species is well described by Cairns (1994).


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Levipalifer rotulus, calicular view
Levipalifer orientalis, basal view
Levipalifer orientalis, calicular view