Beauvais, 1986, p. 16

Type Species

Alloiteausmilia boudaharensis Beauvais 1986, p. 16; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; MNHN R11603; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Beni Tadjit (Morocco) Domerian (Lower Jurassic)


Solitary subconical corallum. Radial elements are compact, flexuous and almost free septa s.s. Septa made of laminar layers in continuity with dissepiments. Septal apparatus strongly bilateral. Endotheca made of large infundibuliform vesicular dissepiments. No columella but a very eccentric narrow elongate and superficial calicular pit. Wall not described but the genus was attributed to Zardinophyllidae…


Like Archeosmilia, but strongly bilateral.


The genus was based on a single specimen. Five other specimens described by Prinz, 1991 come from Chile. Then the range of variability of the genus is not established and the relationship with Archeosmilia remains a matter for research.


  • North Africa; Early Jurassic
  • South America; Early Jurassic
Pliensbachian (Lower Jurassic) Morocco and Chile.

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Distal view of the holotype of Alloiteausmilia boudaharensis
Longitudinal section of the holotype of Alloiteausmilia boudaharensis