Eliášová, 1976


Radial elements are compact septa sensu stricto . They are smooth, short and generally free, rarely anastomosed or contratingent, straight or curved, thinned inward or slightly claviform, often lonsdaleoid, arranged in radio-bilateral symmetry. All growth stages show an axial septum, but a transitory growth stage shows a clear hexameral superposed symmetry. The wall is comparable to the wall of Pachythecalina with a fibrous texture composed of fascicles of fibers oriented toward the center of the corallite obliquely sloping upward. Septa are inserted in the wall without continuity. During the hexameral stage, invaginations occur in the outer edge of the wall in front of septa. Intramural extracalicular increase (Taschenknospung sensu Beauvais, probably not sensu Roniewicz ?) and simple or multiple fissiparity in young corallites. Endotheca subtabular, no columella, no synapticula.


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