Orbigny, 1849, p. 11

Type Species

Actinacis martiniana Orbigny, 1849, p. 11; Monotypy Orbigny, 1849, p. 11

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Turonian of France (Figuères).

The holotype of the type species is housed at MNHN (Paris) under 7107




Colony plocoid. Colony formation by extracalicinal budding. Corallites are embedded in a reticulate, porous coenosteum. Costosepta have few, but large perforations. Anastomosis present. Septal flanks granular. Wall synapticulothecate, incomplete. Columella parietal or substyliform or formed by elongated segments. No pali. Synapticulae abundant. Endothecal dissepiments sparse. Skeletal microstructure consists of simple and compound trabeculae.


The holotype of the type species, A. martiniana, is deposited at the Nat Hist Mus in Paris under 7107 (d'Orbigny coll.).


  • Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa; Early Cretaceous - Late Cretaceous
  • East Asia; Early Cretaceous
  • North America; Early Cretaceous

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Actinacis parvistella Oppenheim, 1930
Actinacis martiniana d'Orbigny, 1850