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Associated with Stephanocyathus
Brief Caption Stephanocyathus moseleyanus (Sclater, 1886), basal view, quite smooth.
Name of Object Stephanocyathus moseleyanus (Sclater, 1886)
Specimen ID (Institution and Number)
Type Specimen ? Not a Type
Locality Biaçores Expedition/Cruise, "Jean Charcot", stat. 4, , Azores, 38°11'30" N, 26°38'30"W, 1080-1200 m.
Scale Bar Length (with units) 10.0 mm
Orientation Basal view
Preparation Method Skeleton Surface
Imaging Method Photograph
Position in Image Set 1
Image Author Zibrowius, 1980, plate 49, figure K.
Copyright Mèmoires de l'Institut Ocèanographique, Monaco, 11, 1980
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