Eliasova, 1989, p. 116

In some publications (Loeser, 2002, p. 454; Loeser, 2016, p. 470), the inventory number of the neotype of Negoporites michelini (Reuss) is given as HF 2488. However, according to the information originally provided in Eliasova (1989, p. 117), it is HF 1488 (material data confirmed by Dr. Budil, Prague, September 1, 2017).

Type Species

Porites michelini Reuss, 1846: 61, pl. 43, fig. 3; Original Designation Eliášová, 1989: 116

Type Specimen: Neotype; ; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Cenomanian of the Czech Republic (Bohemia).

The neotype of the type species is housed at CGS (=UUG) (Prague) under HF1488



Colonial, massive, ceri-plocoid to plocoid. Costosepta porous to subcompact, pennular and granular laterally. Septa dissociate to trabeculae portions peripherally and axially. Columella trabecular. Synapticulae present. Wall parasynapticulothecal. Endothecal dissepiments vesicular.


Because the original material of Porites michelini decribed by Reuss (1846) was lost, Eliasova (1989, p. 117-118) designated a neotype. In recent works (Loeser et al., 2013, p. 62; Loeser, 2016, p. 470), the validity of the neotype has been rejected, claiming that the Code requirements (especially articles 75.3.) for the designation of a neotype were not met. However, after consulting with recent and former ICZN Commissioners, discussng all aspects of Art. 75.3, especially Art. 75.3.4, the following opinion has been provided which is here used as a guideline for both the current and similar cases: --------------------------"The author [Eliasova] did not exactly say that she looked for Reuss' types in this or that collection, receiving negative replies……but in my opinion her wording (les echantillons originaux de Reuss…..son perdues"] satisfies the request of Art. 75.3.4, in that she said that the fixation of a neotype was motivated by the loss of the original material: we could not expect an author to go into detail of his/her correspondence, or results of personal visits to collections, in a publication issued 20 years before the 4th edition of the Code. So, I think you can take the neotype as validly fixed." (original message of Alessandro Minelli, December 2017). -----------------------Therefore, the neotypes designated for Porites michelini and similar cases (such as the neotype designation of the type species of Balanophyllia [B. calyculus] by Cairns [2001]) are considered valid.


  • Western Europe; Late Cretaceous
  • Southern Europe; Late Cretaceous
  • Central Europe; Late Cretaceous
  • Eastern Europe; Late Cretaceous

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Negoporites michelini (Reuss, 1846), neotype, photograph courtesy Dr. Eliasova