Melnikova, 1989: 71

Type Species

Monstroseris iranica Melnikova, 1989: 72, pl. 13, fig. 1, 2, pl. 14, fig. 1a -c.; Monotypy Melnikova, 1989: 71

Type Specimen: Syntype; MIGD 25/,3; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Village Lut, region Parvarde, Central Iran, Howz-Khan suite, Naybandon Formanion, Later Norian

Three colonies MIGD 25/1-3 housed at the museum of the Institue of Geology Dushanbe (MIGD), Academy of Scienes, Tajikistan.



Massive cerioid colonies increasing by (?)intercorallite budding. Skeleton built of septal spines and additional deposit of stereome. Calices convex, delimited by a groove. Septa compact, crowded, differentiated into four size orders; irregular micromorphology of septal distal border is formed with tips of vertically growing septal spines.


Description of morphology and microstructure with illustrations in Melnikova, 1989.


Other genus of similar characteristics is not known.


One species.


  • Central Asia; Late Triassic
Like type locality.

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