Jaworski, 1915: 83

Type Species

Thecocyathus triasicus Wanner 1910: 739; Monotypy Jaworski, 1915:83

Type Specimen: Lectotype; IPB 4d coll. Jaworski; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Misol Island, Indonesia. Nuculamergel, Late Triassic



Solitary,patelloid corallum circular in shape with lower surface covered with epitheca; septa made of thick septal spines which are free only at the distal septal margin; septa of four-five size orders, the septa of the fourth order thin and short, the fifth order septa rudimentary; septal surface covered with fine granulation; no axial structure is observed.


The specimens of the type series were well described and figured in Jaworski, 1915: 83, pl. 43, fig. 5-9. The type series was re-described and the lectotype specimen indicated and figured by Flügel 1964: 344, text-fig. 4; the author did not remarked characteristic, stylophyllid micromorphology of septal spines.


A similarity of Molukkia to Montlivaltia Lamouroux, in their calicular view, is not confirmed by micromorphology of septa which is an emanation of the microstructure of the skeleton. Micromorphology of septa in Molukkia, in the form of thin, irregular granulation, indicates its stylophyllid affiliation, quite different from the montlivaltiid micromorphology in the form of thick, regular granules made of lateral, provided with axes, outgrowth of trabeculae.


Similar coral was described from the Rhaetian of the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria (Roniewicz, 1989:139, pl.15, fig. 5a-c)


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
  • South Asia; Late Triassic

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