Roniewicz and Michalik, 1991: 159

Type Species

Meandrostylophyllum vesiculare Roniewicz et Michalik, 1991:159, fig. 3-5; Monotypy Roniewicz et Michalik, 1991

Type Specimen: Holotype; SNM Z-200075; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Smoliacke Hradki Hill, Janovska dolina Valley, Slovakia (section No. 118 in Michalik 1977), Western Tatra Mts, Carpathians. Rhaetian, Late Triassic



Meandroid corallites poorly delimited, distributed in series. Wall in collins simple, discontinuous, formed by a single row of septal spines and sclerenchyme. Radial elements dissociated into septal spines. Septal spines discontinuous vertically. Vesicular dissepiments large and abundant.


Morphology described in Roniewicz and Michalik 1991


The genus differs from another serial and meandroid stylophyllid genus Meandrostylis Frech, 1890 in a lack of individualized calices and in septal blades developed only in the collins delimiting valleys.


One species.


  • Central Europe; Late Triassic
Rhaetian, Fatra Formation, Krizna Nappe (Fatric palaeogeographic zone),Carpathians.

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