Beauvais, 1982, vol. 2, p. 35

Type Species

Litharaea latistellata Felix, 1903a: 180.; Subsequent Designation Beauvais, 1982: vol. 2, p. 35

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Turonian of Austria (Gosau Group at St. Gilgen).

The holotype of the type species is housed at BSPG (Munich) under 1878/XI/388.




Colonial, massive, cerioid. Corallites indistinct. Costosepta short, thick, pennular and granular laterally, nonconfluent to subconfluent, with few irregular perforations. Anastomosis rare. Trabecular lobes thin. Columella large, irregularly papillose. Wall synapticulothecal, incomplete. Endothecal dissepiments subhorizontal.


  • Central Europe; Late Cretaceous

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Litharaeopsis latistellata (Felix, 1903), holotype