Orbigny, 1849, p. 10

The position in Heterocoeniidae was proposed by Stolarski and Russo, 2001 and accepted in Kolodziej 2003, nevertheless the proximity with Thecidiosmilia in which the marginarium is clearly present suggests that an assignation to Amphiastreidae cannot be ruled out.

Type Species

Explanaria alveolaris Münster in Goldfuss 1829: p.110 , pl. 38 fig. 6; Monotypy

Type Specimen: Syntype; BSPG AS VII 1911; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Upper Jurassic Nattheim (Germany)

The specimen figured in Goldfuss is lost. The only specimen AS VII 1911 of the type series remains from the Münster's collection and was figured subsequently by Becker and Milaschewitsch p. 166, pl. 40 fig. 1a. A section was made for this study. Good tototypes exist and allow a more complete description (for instance specimen 67660 in Stuttgart). A nice illustration of the genus is given in Kolodziej (2003).




Incrusting colony with corallites having a circular to semi-lunar outline in transverse section. The flattened side of the corallite is on the encrusting surface, the more convex side upward. Highly bilateral septal apparatus with a cardinal septum enlarged at inner edge and some other rare much thinner septa. Cardinal septum most oftentimes growing from the flat side of the corallite. Radial elements are compact, probably free, and flexuous. Wall externally covered by very fine granulations longitudinally aligned. Endotheca not observed. No columella. Mode of increase unclear, probably intramural but also septal. Marginarium possibly present.


Thecidiosmilia seems to be very close (congeneric ?) but more massive, less flat and incrusting. Baron-Szabo (2014) interpreted Latusastrea as a morphogenus within the Heterocoenia-Latusastrea group, Heterocoenia being more plocoid.


Two nominal species in Jurassic, and 6 nominal species in Cretaceous (Löser 2000).


  • Western Europe, Eastern Europe; Late Jurassic - Late Cretaceous

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Syntype of Latusastrea alveolaris the type species of the genus before sectionning
Syntype of Latusastrea alveolaris, the type species of the genus
Syntype of Latusastrea alveolaris, the type species of the genus
Syntype of Latusastrea alveolaris, the type species of the genus

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