Eliášová, 1974: 416

Type Species

Intersmilia malevola Eliášová, 1974:416, pl.1, fig. 1a,b; Original Designation Eliášová, 1974:416

Type Specimen: Holotype; ÚÚG HF 277; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Štramberk, Moravia. Czech Republic. Tithonian, Late Jurassic.



Corallum phaceloid. Corallites covered with folded epitheca. Septal apparatus in radial symmetry, differentiated into four size orders distributed in irregular systems. The S1 usually approach to the center, the S4 septa very short and in some systems lacking. Endotheca irregular, made of large, vesicular and tabuloid dissepiments sloping from the wall toward the center. Budding lateral producing corallites of small diameters.


With development of septal apparatus, the most similar to Ceratothecia Turnsek 1973(1972): 33, pl. 16, 17,Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian, Slovenia, which however differs in having exclusively horizontal, tabular endotheca and external costae, the latter signalizing a different familial affiliation.


Known from the Sinemurian of the Pamirs (Intersmilia djartyrabatica Melnikova in Melnikova and Roniewicz, 1976). Diversified in the Upper Jurassic into at least three species.


  • Central Asia; Early Jurassic
  • Central Europe; Late Jurassic

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