Alloiteau, 1957, p. 105

Type Species

Montlivaltia haimei Chapuis and Dewalque 1853, p. 263 pl. 38 fig. 5; Monotypy

Type Specimen: Syntype; ?; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Marne de Jamoigne (Lower Liassic) at Jamoigne, Termes…(Belgium)

Beauvais 1986b published also Haimeicyclus as a new genus (p. 54) with the same type species but, despite the name was proposed conditionally, the authorship should be returned to Alloiteau 1957 (art 11.5.1.) The type material is probably in Liège.



in progress


Two nominal species known in Liassic. The genus was recently described in Stolarski and Russo ( 2002)


  • Western Europe; Early Jurassic
  • Southern Europe; Early Jurassic
  • North Africa; Early Jurassic
  • Subsaharan Africa; Early Jurassic
  • South America; Early Jurassic
  • Southeast Asia; Early Jurassic

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