Lebanidze, 1987, p. 589

Type Species

Etalloniopsis georgica Lebanidze, 1987, p. 591, fig. 1-2; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; GNM 2/99; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Oxfordian conglomerate (Upper Jurassic) from Tepe-bash (Georgia)



Massive thamnasterioid colony. Intracalicular increase. Radial elements are compact, curved, anastomosed biseptal sheets. Porous incomplete synapticulothecal wall. Septal ornamentation and microstructure unknown. Radial and bilateral symmetry marked by the curvature of septa. Endotheca absent. Styliform columella.


The genus was compared by Lebanidze to Etallonia (now Etallonasteria) to Paretallonia, Thamnoseris and Kobyastraea, all genera in which an endotheca is present.


One nominal species. The genus needs a new observation. The question of the diagenetic origin of the absence of endotheca is open. A comparison with Thamnasteria is needed.


  • Eastern Europe; Late Jurassic

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original illustration of Etalloniopsis georgica Lebanize 1987