Alloiteau, 1952, p. 671

Type Species

Dermosmiliopsis orbignyi Alloiteau, 1952a: 671; Original Designation Alloiteau, 1952a: 671

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type locality: Santonian of France (Aude).



Phaceloid to subdendroid colony. Gemmation extracalicinal. Corallites monocentric. Septa porous, with strongly beaded margins. Columella spongy-papillose. Endothecal dissepiments sparse. Synapticulae abundant. Wall synapticulothecal.

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from Bernard Lathuilière on 18-Aug-2009 16:27

There is a mispelling in the title Dermosmiliopsis and not Dermosmilipsis

Dermosmiliopsis orbignyi Alloiteau, 1952