Koby, 1894, p.8

Type Species

Cymosmilia conferta Koby 1894, p.8-9, pl.2; Monotypy Koby, 1894: 8

Type Specimen: Syntype; ?; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) of Gilley (Doubs; France)

The type specimen is not at the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel. It was not more found in Porrentruy, nor in Paris.



Colonial corallum phaceloid in structure but with short branches irregularly related to each others. Corallites variable in size and shape, usually conical, laterally compressed, rarely free on their sides but joined to neighbouring corallites at a variable extent. Calices supervficial and elliptical. Exsert rhipidogyrid highly unequal costosepta with cutting arched distal edge. Lamellar deep columella. Thick granulated tectura. Mode of increase variable intra and extracalicinal.


Differs from Aplosmilia by the variable process of increase and the weak development of branches. Differs from Codonosmilia by the columella.


Koby (1894) observed around a hundred samples and described in detail the variable gemmation process. An interpretation of the Cymosmilia conferta specimens, all originating from Gilley, as paedomorphic Aplosmilia in a special environment could be investigated. Another Oxfordian species was created by Bendukidze (1982). Beauvais in Draganescu and Beauvais (1985) used the genus for a Middle Jurassic solitary coral of Romania they attributed to C. tenuicaulata (Gregory) and considered that colonial specimens of Koby should be named Aplosmilia. Pandey and Fürsich (1993) reestablished Cymosmilia as a colonial coral and classified again the Gregory’s species in hits original genus Lophosmilia.


  • Western Europe; Late Jurassic
  • Eastern Europe; Late Jurassic
  • South Asia; Late Jurassic
  • West Asia; Late Jurassic
Source: Paleobiology database (accessed 5/24/12) Historical distribution: Upper Jurassic of Europe (Wells, 1956). Distribution compiled by Matthew Tibbits.

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