Beauvais, 1978, p. 86

Type Species

Cardiastraea cristata p. 86 pl. 1 fig. 1-5 + txt fig. 1-4; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Syntype; MNHN n°??; Lost; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Toarcian from Fert el Bir, Middle Toarcian from Beni Meraz and Jebel Outita (Morocco)



Small discoid more or less heart-shaped colony. Lower surface covered by a folded epithecas.l. of endothecal origin. Few corallites are arranged around a radial prominent crest corresponding to a progenitor septum. Radial elements are compact, often free costo-septa straight or slightly curved. Distal edge variable, subinerm, or finely granulated, or festooned or with strong subacute teeth. These subacute teeth are always present at the inner edge. Lateral faces are ornamented of vertical carinae opposed or alternating on both sides of the radial element. Synapticules absent. Columella absent or weak and parietal. No wall between the corallites except on the crest(s).


L. Beauvais proposed an assignation to Stylophyllidae (Beauvais 1978) then to "Distichophyllidae"= Reimaniphyllidae in Beauvais (1986), but no thin section is provided and a comparison to Montlivaltids morphogenera like Amblophyllia or Coenotheca is to be done.


  • North Africa; Early Jurassic

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Cardiastraea cristata