Etallon, 1859, p. 53

Considered by Wells 1956 as a junior synonym of Axosmilia. The type material is unknown and it is difficult to know whether Blastosmilia is just a particular growth form of Axosmilia or Pleurosmilia or an independent genus. Blastosmilia Etallon 1859 is also a senior homonym of Blastosmilia Duncan 1878

Type Species

Blastosmilia fromenteli Etallon 1859, p. 54; Subsequent Designation Wells, 1936, p. 103

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: "Dicératien" (Kimmeridgian-Upper Jurassic) from Valfin (France)

The unique existing figure of Blastosmilia fromenteli Etallon is in Fromentel and Ferry (1865b) p. 79 pl. 11 fig. 1.




Like Axosmilia or Pleurosmilia (?) but with some small scars related to submarginal buds interpreted as young corallites detached from the mother corallite.


  • Western Europe; Late Jurassic

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