Melnikova 1989, p. 79

Initially placed in Amphiastraeidae by Melnikova 1989, the genus was subsequently considered as a Zardinophyllid (Melnikova and Roniewicz 2012)

Type Species

Pachysmilia prima Melnikova 1989, p. 80, pl. 24 fig. 1-7; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; TIUS 28/18; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Sinemurian (lower Jurassic) SE Pamir Alitschur valley Tadjikistan

the type specimen is kept at Mus IG AN Tadj. SSSR, Dushanbe



Dendroid corallum. No costae. Corallite outline suboval. Increase by lateral budding. Radial elements compact, thin, mostly free, with parallel surfaces non ornamented, rather straight, slightly enlarged at the inner border, differentiated in length into 2-3 incomplete size orders. No palis. Septal microstructure with simple, subvertical trabecules. Hexameral symmetry, with occasional bilateral symmetry produced by 1 or 2 septa. Endotheca made of horizontal, complete tabulae. No columella but two opposite septa may occasionally meet in the center. Synapticulae absent. Wall thick, pachythecal.


Close of Pachydendron but in the microstructure of septa trabecular centers differentiated. Relation between septa and the wall seem to be typical of pachythecal corals.


  • Central Asia; Early Jurassic

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