Frech, 1890:58

Considered by Frech to be a subgenus of Stylophyllum Reuss, 1854. Senior synonym of Coelomeandra Beauvais and Poulton, 1980:96.

Type Species

Stylophyllum (Meandrostylis) irregulare Frech, 1890:58, text fig. in p. 58, pl. 15. fig. 13-17; Original Designation Frech, 1890:58

Type Specimen: Lectotype; GBA Frech coll. 2802; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Fischerwiese, Salzkammergut, Austria. Zlambach Beds, Rhaetian, LateTriassic




Cerioid, or cerioid-meandroid colonies; in the series septa-of-valley are present; budding intracalicular with lamellar linkages; septa plate-like, often vertically discontinuous (lonsdaleoid); free septal spines at the inner margin; wall septothecal made of peripheral margins of nonconfluent or subconfluent septa; endotheca made of large vesicular or tabuloid dissepiments; microstructure stylophyllid.


Morphology described in Frech 1890:58. Morphology and microstructure described in Roniewicz 1989:131, pl.39, fig.9,10, pl.40, fig.9-11.


From all meandroid genera differs in septa built of septal spines, which are the elements typical of the stylophyllids.


Three Late Triassic species ar known.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
  • North America; Late Triassic

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