Roniewicz, 2008: 107

Type Species

Oedalmiopsis cretacica Roniewicz, 2008:109, Fig. 8D-D, J, K; Original Designation Roniewicz, 2008:107

Type Specimen: Holotype; NMNH F-30251; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Lyalintsi, W Bulgaria, Early Cretaceous, Valanginian , Slivnitsa Fm.

Type species is described by Roniewicz 2008 based on two colony fragments and a series of thin sections.



Thamnasterioid coral lacking columella; septa with inner margin smooth, septa sides with regular granules; endotheca dissepimenta; midseptal zone composed of well individualized, small trabeculae; lateral septal stereome organized into centered fascicles of fibers.


From other genera in the family Heterocoeniidae it differs in thamnasterioid colony. In general type of the microstructure of septa, it is similar to thamnasterioid Triassic genus Oedalmia Cuif, from which it differs in well individualized small trabeculae which form the midseptal zone, and in smaller fascicles of fibers of the lateral septal stereome.


  • Southern Europe; Early Cretaceous

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