Roniewicz and Michalik, 2002, p. 155

Originally, the type species was assigned by Volz, 1896, p. 87 to Stylophyllum Reuss, 1854

Type Species

Stylophyllum praenuntians Volz, 1896, p. 87, pl.11, fig.1-4; Original Designation Roniewicz and Michalik 2002, p. 155

Type Specimen: Holotype; MGUWr 71sz; Verified; Thin Section

Type Locality: Valparola, Dolomites; Southern Alps. Carnian, Late Triassic

Two thin sections MGUWr 71sz; executed from the lectotype of S. praenuntians Volz, figured by Volz 1896: pl. 11, fig. 1, 2



Solitary. Septa thin, built of spines of equal thickness, subhorizontal at the wall and rapidly changing growth vertically upwards. A large axial space is filled with vertical septal spines. Wall thick. Endotheca built or rare, thin, horizontal tabulae. The coralla attain up to 18 mm in diameter at 80 septa.


Recently well described and illustrated in Roniewicz and Michalik 2002:155,fig.5.3a-e, 5.4a,b.


From the most close Stylophyllum Reuss, 1854, the genus differs in thin septal spines and perfectly tabular endotheca.


Up to now three species have been described: Carnian P. praenuntians (Volz, 1896); Rhaetian P. bortepense (Melnikova, 1972) and P. ulfati Melnikova, 2001. The following data in Melnikova 2001 concerning this genus: the authors and dates of publication, volume of the periodical, and the authorship of the generic name, are misleading.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
  • Central Asia; Late Triassic
  • North America; Late Triassic

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