Fromentel 1861, p. 204

Probably a junior synonym of Amphiastrea

Type Species

Pleurostylina corallina Fromentel 1861, p. 204; Subsequent Designation Wells, 1936, p. 125

Type Specimen: Lectotype; MNHN F. M03902; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) Ecuelle (Haute Saône; France)

The lectotype designated by Lathuilière Charbonnier and Pacaud (2017) is a dry specimen not sectioned. Beauvais (1964) discarded the Fromentel’s syntype to use a better preserved sample as the specimen of reference. This is nomenclaturally not correct. Both samples correspond to Pleurostylina and the Beauvais’ topotype with its thin sections was used also in this description.




Massive cerioid corallum with polygonal corallites. Increase by Taschenknospung possible but not well demonstrated. Radial elements compact, free, attenuated curved to sinuous. Distal edge, inner edge and lateral faces smooth. No pali. Bilateral symmetry strongly marked by the columellar septum and the curvature of septa. Two zoned endotheca with large vesicles in the marginarium and tabuloid dissepiments or tabulae in the inner part of calices. No columella, no synapticulae, pachythecal wall with a characteristic dark line in the middle.


See Amphiastrea , Amphiaulastrea and Thecidiosmilia


Two Jurassic and two Cretaceous nominal species. See Eliasova 1975, p. 9 pl. 3 fig. 1-2 text.fig. 3 for a description of the type-species.


  • Western Europe, Central Europe, Central Asia, Central America; Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous

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Syntype of Pleurostylina corallina the type species of the genus
Specimen of Pleurostylina corallina figured by Beauvais 1964
Specimen of Pleurostylina corallina figured by Beauvais 1964
Specimen of Pleurostylina corallina figured by Beauvais 1964

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