Roniewicz and Michalik, 2002:152

Type Species

Carpathiphyllia regularis Roniewicz and Michalik 2002: 152, fig. 4.3; Monotypy Roniewicz and Michalik 2002:152

Type Specimen: Holotype; SNM 203035; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Male Karpaty,Mala Skalka rock (loc. 365/85), Mt Veterlin, Male Karpaty. Wetterstein facies, Carnian, Late Triassic

Paratype specimen No. SNM 23034 is known from the Mt. Zaruby (Mt.Havranica ridge), outside of the type locality.



Solitary; systems regular, symmetry of 12; septa equal in thickness, differentiated in length into four size orders; wall epithecal; endotheca tabuloid.


From solitary Protoheterastraea Wells, 1934 differs in calicular diameter of a higher size magnitude and all septa of equal thickness (independent of size order).


Only the type species is known


  • Central Europe; Late Triassic
Carnian, Wetterstein facies, Carpathians.

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