Zuffardi-Comerci, 1932, p. 77

Type Species

Somalica aenigmatica Parona and Zuffardi-Comerci, 1932: 77, pl. 3, figs. 4-6; Original Designation Parona and Zuffardi-Comerci, 1932: 77

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type locality: Jurassic of Somalia.




Colonial, massive, cerioid. Gemmation intracalicinal-septal. Septa compact, finely dentate laterally. Columella absent. Endothecal dissepiments abundant, vesicular. Wall thick, pruvostastreoid (=formed by bent peripheral ends of septa).


Parona and Zuffardi-Comerci, 1932, described the taxon Somalica from the Jurassic of Somalia as incertae sedis but compared it with stromatoporoid genera. However, in having a cerioid appearance, compact, thick and pruvoastraeids septa, and numerous vesicular endothecal dissepiments, the illustrations and description strongly suggest that it represents a scleractinian coral of the rhipidogyrids (Baron-Szabo, 2002, p. 86).


  • Subsaharan Africa; Late Jurassic
  • Central Europe; Late Cretaceous

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Somalica maior (Eliasova, 1991) holotype, cross view, photograph courtesy Dr. Eliasova
Somalica maior (Eliasova, 1991), holotype, longitudinal view, photograph courtesy Dr. Eliasova
Somalica aenigmatica Zuffurdi-Commerci, 1931, holotype