Deng and Zhang, 1984:303

Senior subjective synonym of Lubowastraea Melnikova 1986:88.

Type Species

Sichuanophyllia sichuanensis Deng-Zhanqiu and Zhang-Yansheng, 1984:304; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Dege County, Western Sichuan. Late Triassic

The type species is poorly described and illustrated.



Cerioid with zigzag mid-line in the wall between corallites. Corallites penta- and hexagonal. Six septa well developed, remaining ones observable at the wall; septal faces smooth. Endotheca tabular.


Descriptions and illustrations of the second known species, S. prima (Melnkova 1986) originating from the Carnian-Early Norian of the Pamirs (Melnkova 1986, 2001), allow to identify the zardinophyllid (pachythecal - see Cuif 1975) microstructure of this coral.


In general, colony and corallite structure similar to Coccophyllum Reuss, 1865 from the family Stylophyllidae Frech, 1890, but as a zardinophyllid (pachythecal) coral, differs from it in the microstructure of the skeleton.


Two species.


  • Central Asia; Late Triassic
  • South Asia; Late Triassic
South-Eastern Pamirs, Late Carnian- Early Norian. SW China, Late Triassic.

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