Morycowa and Masse, 1998, p. 735

Type Species

Rhipidomeandra bugrovae Morycowa and Masse, 1998: 735.; Original Designation Morycowa and Masse, 1998: 735.

Type Specimen: Holotype; wamu-464; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type locality: Uppermost Barremian or Lower Aptian of southern France (Vaucluse).



Colonial, meandroid. Gemmation intratentacular. Calicinal series short and long, simple and diverging, separated by tholiform collines. Corallites indistinct to subdistinct, rarely isolated. Septa compact. distal margin finely dentate, granulated laterally. Auriculae and lonsdaleoid septa present. Columella absent. Wall parathecal and septothecal. Endothecal dissepiments arched, raised in the vicinity of the wall.


  • Central Europe; Early Cretaceous
Lower Cretaceous: France.

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Rhipidomeandra cf bugrovae Morycowa and Masse, 1998