Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848, p. 468

Type Species

Lobophyllia flabellum Michelin p. 92 (1843) pl. 18 fig. 1 (1845); Subsequent Designation Vaughan and Wells 1843, p. 222 (despite they cite ME and H 1850)

Type Specimen: Syntype; MNHN A30299; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) from St Mihiel (France)

Beauvais (1964, p. 190) designated a neotype (MNHN M 00275) but possible syntypes from the Moreau collection were recently recovered. All of them are presently identified as Rhipidogyra. A decision of ICZN is necessary to fix the status of the type material.




Solitary flabelloid Rhipidogyrid corallum


Solitary flabelloid corallum with strong costae emerging from a thick granular tectura. Radial elements compact free strongly unequal in thickness. Apophysal septa potentially present. Distal edge smooth, inner edge with flabelloid auriculae, lateral faces with irregularly distributed granules, no palis. Microstructure rhipidogyrid. Bilateral symmetry highly expressed by the elongation of the calyx. Endotheca of vesicular dissepiments, columella lamellar, no synapticulae. Paraseptothecal wall.


Among Rhipidogyridae, Rhipidogyra can be confused with Fromentelligyra, which is colonial. It can be also confused with a broken part of the colonial Phytogyra. Codonosmilia is not flabelloid.


See Eliasova 1973 and Roniewicz (1976) for microstructure. 22 nominal species for the Jurassic and 10 for the Cretaceous (Löser 2000)


  • Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Northern Asia, Central Asia, West Asia; Late Jurassic - Late Cretaceous

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Syntypes ? of Rhipidogyra flabellum type species of the genus
Syntype ? of Rhipidogyra flabellum type species of the genus
Syntype ? of Rhipidogyra flabellum type species of the genus
Figured specimen previously erected as neotype by Beauvais 1964

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