Frech, 1890: 86

In the literature it was described also under the name of Michelinia de Koninck, 1841

Type Species

Pinacophyllum parallelum Frech, 1890: 86, text figg in p. 86, pl. 21, fig. 1,5,6; Monotypy Frech, 1890: 86

Type Specimen: Holotype; BSPG AS XII 142; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Hammerkogel ( Kesselwand-Rohrmoos), Northern Calcareous Alps, Zlambach Beds, Rhaetian



Phaceloid to cerioid. Increase extracalicular. Wall formed of fibrous stereome organized into lamellae and squame. Radial elements spiniform or partly platelike; septal spines arranged into rows on the internal surface of the wall. Septal spines are formed of single bunches of subparallel fibres originated in the wall, and additionally, of prolongations of the wall squamae. Endotheca tabuloid.


Morphology and microstructure described and illustrated in Roniewicz 1989:135, pl.41,fig.3,4; pl.42,fig.5,6; pl.43,fig.3.


In general corallite architecture, this non trabecular genus resembles trabecular Kompsasteria.


Only type species is known.


  • Southern Europe; Late Triassic
Rhaetian, Northern Calcareous Alps

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