Alloiteau and Tissier, 1958

Type Species

Phacellocoenia bazerquei Alloiteau and Tissier, 1958: 258; Original Designation Alloiteau and Tissier, 1958: 258

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Verified; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Danian of France (Haute-Garonne).

The holotype of the type species is housed at MNHN (Paris) under R.10877, Villette collection.



Colonial, phaceloid to subfasciculate. Gemmation intracalicinal and extracalicinal. Costosepta compact to subcompact, thin, finely granulated laterally. Columella trabecular, styliform-sublamellar in shape. Endothecal dissepiments thin, vesicular. Wall parathecal. Epithecal–epicostal wall present or absent.


Based on the reported presence of a styliform columella, the genus Phacellocoenia was tentatively placed in the family Stylinidae (Alloiteau and Tissier 1958). However, because in the type specimen the columella seems to be irregularly trabecular rather than a true styliform boss independent from the septal apparatus, and septal and thecal developments closely correspond to kinds found in the faviid group (e.g. as in Liptodendron, Monticulastraea, and Cladocora), the genus Phacellocoenia was transferred to the family Faviidae (Baron-Szabo, 2006, p. 42).


  • Central Europe; Paleocene
Paleocene: Czech Republic, France.

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Phacellocoenia bazerquei Alloiteau and Tessier, 1958, holotype, cross thin section (left), longitudinal view, upper surface