De Gregorio, 1884, p. 257

Type Species

Meandrina ? (Mirmidia) serafina De Gregorio, 1884, p. 258; Monotypy

Type Specimen: Unknown; ?; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Tithonian Falde di Monte Pellegrino (Sicilia, Italy)

The subgenus was figured in Gregorio 1899 but neither used nor revised after.


Massive globular corallum 12 mm in diameter. Its structure consists in cylindrical pores quasi visible at naked eye, filled by calcareous substance with elongated narrow interruptions similar to hieroglyphs. (translated from the original description)


The initial diagnosis is so poor that this taxon should be revised or neglected. It could be a chaetetid ?...One nominal species.

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Meandrina (Mirmidia) serafina in Gregorio 1899 - original figure