Alloiteau, 1955, p.676

Type Species

Microphyllastraea karrenbergi Alloiteau 1955 in Basse et al., p. 676, pl. 28, fig. 2, 5; Monotypy

Type Specimen: Holotype; ?; Lost; Unknown

Type Locality: Upper Jurassic, Amran serie, North of El Harre (Yemen)

Holotype by monotypy. The type-specimen was searched in MNHN Paris without success.



Massive meandroid corallum. Intratentacular increase producing series with indistinct or subdistinct centers. Valleys are nearly rectilinear or slightly curved, with only one calice in their width, separated by tectiform collines. Valley septa present. Radial elements non confluent on collines, compact, free. Distal edge with strong conical equal and equidistant teeth, lateral faces with steeply inclined (75-80°) carinae. No palis. Microstructure unknown. Endotheca of thin numerous vesiculose dissepiments. Spongy columella, weakly developed with a papillose top, no tabulae, synapticulae. Parathecal wall on the collines.


Microphyllastraea was compared by Alloiteau with Mycetophyllopsis (without columella and valley septa), with Phyllogyra (but short series and distinct calices) with Meandrastraea (but short series, distinct centers and without wall) and with Comophyllastraea (but circumoral budding and calices grouped by sectors)


Only one fragment of colony cited.

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Holotype of Microphyllastraea karrenbergi type species of the genus
Holotype of Microphyllastraea karrenbergi type species of the genus