Alloiteau, 1958, p. 64

Melikerona is probably a synonym of Septastraeopsis

Type Species

Melikerona madagascariensis Alloiteau, 1958, p. 65 pl. 1 fig. 8 pl. 7 fig. 4; Original Designation

Type Specimen: Holotype; MNHN M 05091; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Callovian (Middle Jurassic) from Ankazomiheva (Madagascar)

It is worth to note that the genus posed several nomenclatural issues concerning the fixation of the type-species (see Lathuilière, Charbonnier and Pacaud (2017). To elaborate the following description, I took in consideration the material on which Alloiteau based his concept of Melikerona. Alloiteau never saw the indian material of Isastrea parva Gregory. A paratype M 08176 exists, more interesting than the holotype, with thin sections.


Massive lamellar cerioid corallum with small superficial corallites. Intracalicular increase. Lower surface costate,with some concentric folds, but without a true epitheca. Radial elements are compact, generally free, straight to curved, non confluent, not exsert. Distal edge regularly dentate, lateral faces with acute granules. Trabeculae oriented subvertically near the wall and a little less inclined toward the axis. Radial symmetry difficult to decipher. Bilateral symmetry marked by the curvature of septa. Endotheca made of vesicular dissepiments sloping down toward the centre of the corallite. Central fossa in depth of which rare major septa can anastomose, occasionnaly a styliform columella is present. No synapticule. Septothecal wall.


The genus is very close of Isastrea. Probably the more septothecal wall, the carinae less developed and occasional columella may justify this genus. It is still closer of Septastraeopsis of which the endotheca could be different (badly preserved in the type material).


See Pandey and Fürsich (2005)


  • Central Europe, North Africa, Subsaharan Africa, South Asia, West Asia; Middle Jurassic - Late Jurassic

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Melikerona parva madagascariensis Alloiteau 1958
Melikerona parva madagascariensis Alloiteau
Melikerona parva madagascariensis Alloiteau
Melikerona parva madagascariensis Alloiteau

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