Solomko, 1888, p. 19

Aphragmastraea Solomko, 1888, p. 19 is a junior synonym (available and invalid), see Dimorphocoenia Fromentel, 1857, p. 55.

Type Species

Aphragmastraea crassisepta Solomko, 1888, p. 19, pl. 1, fig. 1; Original Designation Solomko, 1888, p. 18

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown



Solomko (1888, p. 19-20) based her new genus on the specimens that had been documented as Astraea cristata by Dubois de Montpereux. According to Solomko (1888, p. 20), the type material is housed at the Palaeontological Museum Zurich, Switzerland. Bendukidze (1961) transferred Solomko's material to the genus Dimorphocoenia. Because the species name crassisepta had already been occupied for the genus Dimorphocoenia, she created a new species name: Dimorphocoenia solomkoae Bendukidze, 1961.


  • Eastern Europe; Early Cretaceous

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